Ever Your Husband Lover is the story of Raymond and Betty. They met in London in 1939 and married on March 2nd 1940. 6 months later Raymond found himself on a troop ship bound for the Middle East. Betty remained in London to endure rationing, shortages and the Blitz.

It is a true story of love.

Raymond was a collector and archivist extraordinaire.  Postage stamps, match-boxes, foreign coins, cinema tickets, cricket averages, sea-shells, all these and more made up the bewildering array of his collections.  His most treasured item of all was his war diary.


Meticulously catalogued, weighing  5.5  kilos, alongside pages and pages of hand written entries it also contains:


This is a remarkable record of the years he spent ‘in exile’. He was delighted to show this diary to anyone with time to spare, proudly displaying the contents and reading aloud his favourite passages.

After his death, a bundle of over 500 letters, in tiny hand-written script, filling every centimetre of flimsy British Army issue airgraph paper, were discovered.  Written from the heart they describe the minutiae of life as a soldier, wrenched from his new bride, far from those he loves and achingly home-sick.  They represent a fascinating record of his triumphs and privations as he describes his life and travels in remarkable and captivating detail. The world in which he travelled is brought alive and immerses the reader in a different age.    All these letters were written to his beloved wife, Betty.

Reading the letters today reveals a story of betrayal and heart-break.

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